OH MY!

We at Josette’s Inc. carry theatrical and horror makeup for special events, daily use, or just having fun. We carry popular brands such as Ben Nye, Mehron, Graftobian, Tinsley Transfers, Woochie, and Foothill Fangs. Our customers come in from all backgrounds such as the small film industry and stage performers to just needing that better quality concealer or tattoo cover for an every day need. Our knowledgeable staff is familiar with makeup techniques and can help you put together what you need for your costume to have that over the edge look!

New to makeup? Professional artist? We have the products to fit your needs from professional to casual uses, with our cream, liquid and powder makeup to our top of the line blends and kits. Our stock of prosthetics range from casual fun false ear tips and eyelashes to durable foam latex pieces used in live action role-playing (LARP). We carry foam latex, thin layered latex, rubber latex, silicone and even the new latex free easy apply fx transfers that require only water to set on your skin.

There are a variety of products in addition to just makeup and facial prosthetics that are available in stock or for special order all throughout the year such as monster teeth/vampire fangs, crepe hair used to customize a facial hair look or werewolf, fake blood and rigid collodion to make realistic scars and most anything else you would need to bring your character or costume to life!

  1. Can you do Grinch makeup?

  2. Bobbi Nickolson

    Do you still have a large selection of makeup left? Specifically mehron?

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