Josette’s Inc. Formal Wear Department is outstanding in a very special way. We have our own in-stock selection, a large in-store selection which stands out and ahead from other formal stores who have to order their tuxedos and suits. Our selection covers a wide range of combinations for all occasions and formal needs with an in-house tailored fit to your specific measurements.

Tuxedos: Close to 20 styles available for rent

  • Toddlers through Big & Tall
  • Basic Tux through Full Dress
  • Black & White
  • Wool & Polyester
  • Peak Lapel, Notch Lapel, or No Lapel
  • Colored Zoot Suits
  • No Button styles up to 5 Buttons
  • Tails Tux, Long Coat or Standard
  • All at competitive pricing! We even offer a “Rent 6 Tuxedos and get 7th Free” which is great for wedding parties.

    Formal Accessories:

  • Vests in full Back, Open Back, Pique, Satin, Patterned & Colored
  • Cummerbunds
  • Ascots
  • Long Ties, Bow Ties & String Ties
  • Tux Shirts in Ivory, White & Black
  • Studs & Cufflinks
  • Hats
  • Canes, Pocket Chains & Squares
  • Suspenders
  • Round Toe & Square Toe Shows in Black & White
  • Formal Gloves
  • Dresses:

  • We are not currently stocking any formal Dresses
  • If you have a formal event then we have what you need, so give us a call and make an appointment or come on in and look around!


      What 60 style costumes do you have available?

    2. Do you have any Maternity formal gowns?

    3. Do you have any maternity dresses?

    4. looking for a Southern Belle (hoop-type) dress, hat, and gloves…might you have something??

    5. Emily Stansbury

      Do yall slim fit white tuxedos to rent for prom?

    6. Hello, ive tried calling many times with no luck so i hope this message gets to you. Im looking for a black victorian dress for a child around 11-12 years old.

      • I am sorry your phone calls aren’t going through, may i ask what number you are calling? As for the costume, yes and no. We do have some dresses that just might work for you but we cannot assure that it will fit without having the child here to try it on. We do not usually have children sizes but some of the stock could fit a child. If you have any questions you can contact us at 228-436-4823 or get us on here.

    7. I see you are saying you aren’t currently stocking any formal dresses… Does that mean you don’t have your wedding dresses anymore?

    8. gail lebatard

      do you stil do not have any wedding dresses?

    9. I am looking for boys formal dress shoes in the color of ivory. Do you all carry this product?

    10. do y’all have any antebellum or southern belle style dresses?

    11. I am looking for a size 14 dress to wear to 1920s themed party, do you have items that would be 1920s besides flapper girl costumes? Also looking for full length black gloves to ocer elbow and head piece or jeweled headband, so you have these items?

    12. Do you have any Renessaince period dresses? I can most likely fit in an adult small.

    13. Looking for mardi gras ball gown formal rental… Is this included in the ‘ No formals’ I’m seeing? I had several people suggest y’all specifically which is why I’m asking

      • No, unfortunately we no longer carry formal dresses or bridal gowns. Our vendors required that we buy the full run of sizes from 0-30 of each style dress, and there was no way we could rent them for enough times to pay for them. We do, however, still rent tuxedos.

    14. Shaunna Stancel

      Do y’all have wedding gowns yet

    15. How much to rent a tux for a day ?

    16. Is it still 45 to rent a tux prom coming up in I’m wondering ?

    17. How much is a basic tux with vest

      • Our Standard Tux starts at $45 and that includes pants. jacket, shirt. and accessories like tie, vest etc. The only thing it does not include is shoes and that is $10 extra. Then lastly you have a $15 refundable security deposit.

    18. If I come get measusre tomorrow to rent a tux will it be ready Next Saturday morning ?

    19. Do you guys do Brussels for formal/Wedding gowns. I have a Cotillion dress that needs one and the seamstress recommended you. How much would it cost and about how long would it take?

    20. Do you have toddlers pageant dresses ?

    21. Do you have silver brides maid dresses?

    22. Do you all rent men suits?

    23. I have 5 ball gowns – prom dresses. I’m trying to find someone that would purchase them instead of me trying to sell the separately. Do y’all do that?

    24. Do you have a basic black suit coat size 50 to rent

    25. Danielle Edelen

      Do you have any formal dresses right now

    26. Do you have same day rentals? We are looking for a tux, jacket size 52-54, for Saturday.

    27. Tracey Williams

      How much is it to rent a tuxedo?

    28. Boys don't listen

      Do you still have any tuxedos to rent for a prom April 1st, 2017? Dark gray possibly and price??

      • We have a very limited supply of light gray tuxedoes but no dark gray. We do have plenty of black, white, and ivory tuxes available for April 1st. If you are picking up on April 1st, the last day to be fitted without incurring rush charges would be Thursday. Our tuxes start at $45 for everything except shoes, which are $10 extra. The rental department is open 10-5:30 during the week, 10-4:30 on Saturday, and closed Wednesday and Sunday. We do have the capability of providing a tuxedo up to the day of the event as long as the person is fitted by 12:00. However, next day service charges or same day service charges apply if you wait that late. Thanks! 🙂

    29. Looking Mardi Gras gown. Do you carry these

    30. How much would a suit be generally and how long does it take for the suit to come in?

      • We only rent our tux/suits, and we have our own stock in store so we do not have to order anything. Tuxedos start at $45 which includes all accessories but shoes which are $10 extra. Suits start at $55 and include all accessories except shoes which are $10. Also all rentals have a $15 refundable security deposit.

        If you have any more questions feel free to call us at 228-436-4823

    31. crystal d eubanks

      I’m searching for a copper colored vest for a Young Man for homecoming! Cooper is a hard color to find. His girlfriend’s dress is literally the color of a shiny penny!

    32. I’m searching for a 1920s style costume accessories for a Male I was wondering if you had any I can purchase or any sets.

    33. I am needing to see about tux rental for my son prom on the 16th

      • We have them starting at $45 plus tax and a $15 security deposit that is refundable as long as the tuxedo is returned on time and undamaged. Shoes are $10 plus tax extra. If he is under the age of 18, he will need an adult who is willing to be responsible for the tuxedo to sign the contract for him the day he is fitted.

    34. Do you offer last minute tux rental? Son coming in from out of town for OS prom. Thank you.

    35. Brett Simmons

      Do you have any type Pirate captain or something that may be considered pirate formal?

      • I think that depending on the sizes of what we have vs. what you need, we most likely could piece something together for you. If you were able to come in and show us some reference pictures, we would try our best.

    36. Nicole Campbell

      Hi, Do you still have Mardi Gras trains?

    37. do you rent out the accessories for tux like suspenders and bow tie??

    38. Do you have any suffergate outfits?

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