Josette’s Inc. Fabrics Department is truly a wonderland of color and texture! Our selection covers a multitude of fabric styles, Trims, Feathers, Boas, Appliques, Skull Caps, Hat Forms, Velcro, Zippers, Threads and even Swarovski Rhinestones!


  • Spandex & Lycra both in 2way & 4way stretch
  • Cracked Ice, Stretch Velvet and Tricot
  • Super Stretch & Glittered
  • Sheer, Patterned Stretch & Stretch satin
  • Animal Prints


  • Paisley
  • Metallic & Solid Colors
  • Flowered
  • all 45″ – 60″ wide
  • $14.98 – $39.98

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  • Bridal
  • Crepe Back, Stretch & Peau de Soie
  • Sparkle, Shimmer & Iridescent


  • Bridal
  • Overlay
  • Stretch
  • Sequin

**All of our beaded/bridal lace is now on sale for 50% off!**

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  • Tissue, Thick & Eyelash


  • Nylon & Stretch
  • Triple
  • Patterned


  • Sequin, Rhinestone & Beaded

All of our fabric is a Polyester blend and we do not carry cotton, linen or wool.


  1. Hello. I’m wondering if you have an email I could contact to ask some questions regarding your theatre services among other things, is that a possibility?

  2. Ashley Williams

    Do you have seam binding in different colors?

  3. Do you have bright orange boas?

  4. What is the length of your fabric?

  5. Do you have delux faux white fur by the yard, if so, how much, how wide?

    • I am not sure what you mean by “delux”. We do have white fur trim by the yard, like you would use to trim a Mardi Gras train. It is around 4 inches wide and costs $39.98 per yard.

  6. Do you have silk charmesuse fabric

  7. Do you have an 6 inch wide black lace that would work on the bottom of a prom dress? Can I order and have it shipped to me?

  8. Hi, I was wondering if you sell a variety of sequin fabric? Like colorful and not the basic color. How much is for a yard?

    • Yes we have a lot of sequin fabric. It ranges in price from $8.98 per yard to around $79.98 per yard, depending on what you pick out. I would venture to say there are at least 200 bolts of sequin fabric alone, some stretchy, some non-stretch.

  9. I’m looking for navy blue chiffon

  10. Hi I was wondering if you carry apparel printed fabric such as brocade, jacquard, koshibo and taffeta? Also do you send out fabric swatches? Thanks

    • We do carry brocades and some jacquard. With brocades alone, there are probably over 500 bolts. We do also have taffeta, but it is all solid colors, not printed. Most of the brocades exceed our price limit for free samples. However, we can sell you as little as 1/8 of a yard. If you want to go to our Facebook page, Josette’s Costumes, or our Instagram page and look through the photos and some of the older posts, there are pics and videos of many of our fabrics, including the brocades. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  11. Do yo I have rhinestone appliqué and rhinestones by the yard

  12. Hi do you have black sequins mesh fabric by the yard?

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