Dance Wear

  1. Looking for leotards ladies long sleeve size lg.or xlg.

  2. anything for cousin it?

  3. Do you have anything that could be visualized for Princess Tiana from rincess and the Frog?

    • Tiana is a very specific look. It is a strapless bodice with a full antebellum or quinceanera style skirt that has overlays that look like leaves. That being said, the only thing I have in stock that you might be able to pass as Tiana would be one solid green antebellum dress for an adult that is no more than a 34 chest and 28 inch waist. It rents for $65. Thanks.

  4. I am looking for character shoes for choir. They can not have more than a 2 in heel. What is your price range for these shoes?

  5. Do you sell pro face clown white?

  6. Do sell red n white striped long sleeved top?

  7. What’s the price range on your ballet and jazz shoes for kids? Dance shorts and tops/bras too? 11 year old girl. Thanks!

    • Different styles will changes prices but the general price range on what you ask for are…
      Ballet Shoes – 18.98-33.98
      Jazz Shoes – 33.98-39.98
      as far as bottoms and tops, i would need more specific details like for tops doe you mean over unders? bottoms do you mean bloomers?

  8. Hi this is Precision Optical Products, let me know if you are in a need of color lenses. or call our office at 678-354-4491 and ask for Jae. Have a good one..

    • Those are illegal for retailers in Mississippi to sell. Our state law prohibits anyone except licensed optometrists to sell those. Given how easy it would be to cause someone permanent damage to the eyes, we would not carry them even if the state laws were changed. Safety first! 🙂

  9. gracie jackson

    do yall have any short formal dresses for a semi-formal dance?

  10. Do you have any ballet costumes or a tutu to rent?

  11. Do y’all have guy jazz shoes in tan

  12. Do you have any size 9.5 nude T strap 1.5-2 inch heel character shoes?

  13. Do y’all sell tan slip on tap shoes? I’m looking for a toddler size 10 or 11

    • The smallest we have is 12.5, but they tend to run really small. I would suggest bringing your baby in and trying them on. Usually those run about a size and a half to two sizes small.

  14. I am needing a child’s black dance sneaker in a size 13.5 or 1 and a pair of suntan tights size large. Do you have them in stock? I need them for a recital saturday afternoon.

  15. Do you have black tap shoes for adults?

  16. What are the prices on your adult ballet shoes?

  17. Elizabeth Malone

    Do you have footless tights- adult xs or small and adult medium?

  18. Do you guys sell green toddler leotards? (Tinkerbell color) 2T specifically. Thanks!

  19. What is your price range for adult women’s tap shoes with a heel?

  20. Do you have black mock turtleneck unitards?

    • Not at this time. Turtleneck leotards and unitards are not part of our regular stock items but we can do bulk special orders if you need at least 5 of them. It usually takes about 2 weeks to get them in if they are in stock.

  21. I’m looking for leotards for a team of 9 girls sizes ranging from xs adult to xl adult. Preferably a long sleeve black leotard but at this point we can make anything work!

  22. Do y’all have any red or green leotard or even white in a girls 10-14 or med-large?

  23. What time do y’all open tomorrow? Or do u? Monday?

  24. Do you have any formal dresses around this time now. Like for balls.

  25. Do you have character shoes? If so, what are your prices?

    • Yes. We have some on sale in limited sizes that are 3 inch heels for $25. The ones that are not on sale range from 1-2 inch heels, some with a t-strap, some without, Black and Tan, and range in price from $42.98 to $68.98. We keep all sizes in stock of the non-sale items that have not been discontinued.

  26. Tricia Holden

    I am looking for the nude color bras, with clear shoulder strap and clear back strap, for dancers. I know there is a Capezio brand, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that brand. Do you carry these type bras, and if so, what is the largest size and what is the price?

  27. What’s your price for the nude bra with clear straps and back?

  28. Looking for sparkly pink or white leg warmers as well as the price.

  29. Jennifer McAnally

    Our dance department is looking to rent costumes for the ballet Sleeping Beauty. Do you have those in stock?

    • We don’t have ballet costumes. We do have the theatrical version of that show, but those are not appropriate for dancing, and we would need proof that the theatrical rights to the show had been obtained through MTI before we could rent them. Hope this helps.

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