Josette’s Inc. has one of the largest selections of in-store purchase costumes and accessories!

We carry a wide variety of costume genres and themed accessories from Biblical, Storybook, Licensed Movies/Television, Pirate, Roman, Pimp, Steampunk, Service/Public Service Officials, Comedy, Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, 20’s – 80’s and most all themes have a moderate or sexy twist to the styles. We specialize in a larger selection and wide variety vs. focusing only on the current most popular items like other shops.

Our costume accessories range from Hats, Wings, Wigs, Glasses, Shoes, Tights/Leggings, Petticoats, themed Weapons and a mixed variety of genre specific goods to complete the desired look for fun and authenticity. We also have a large collection of both Halloween and Masquerade Masks used for theatrical performances and any ball or gala events.

So the next time you feel like dressing up just remember we here at Josette’s Inc. got what you need!

  1. Skylar Alewine

    Do you have Anna and Elsa dresses for a Frozen party?

    • We do not have rental quality versions of those characters. We do have a Elsa looking costume for purchase but to a fan it would be clear it was not her. There are people on the coast that are licensed entertainers that provide a character to come to parties that you might try looking into.

  2. Do you have steampunk costumes?

    • We do carry steampunk costumes for both rental and purchase. We are also stocked in costumes that you can mix and match to create your own look within that genre. Feel free to come in and look at our selection. Store hours are Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Closed Sun and Wed. Costume Rentals shuts down 30mins before store closes.

  3. Hey Josettes! Do you have a ‘Man in the yellow hat’ costume from Curious George? My good sport of a husband is 6’3, 16.5in neck, slender. Thanks!!

  4. I am looking for a female ring master costume to either rent or buy. Do you carry anything like this in stock?

  5. Hello do you guys have mad hatter costumes hat wig etc…?

    • We do have Mad Hatter costumes in both purchase and rentals. Purchase costumes begin at around $60, and rentals begin at $75 for Mad Hatter. We only have them in adult sizes.

  6. Do you have any 1930’s area costumes. Not flapper but more sophisticated socialite type for rental or purchase?

    • We do have a few dresses that would most likely fit what it is you are needing, however they are part of play stock and can only be rented through production on a theater contract.

  7. Russell Dykes

    We are looking for the Bergan from the Trolls movie costume… ??

  8. Hi we are looking for black cat paw or bear claw fingerless gloves and a cat tail.

  9. Do you have adult female and or male marvel comic costumes for rent?

    • Yes, we have both Marvel and DC. There are not a lot of female superheroes, however, we do have Black Widow and Wonder Woman. Most of these rent from $125-$175 for a weekend. Please let us know if we can assist you further.

  10. Hi Josette’s! Just curious, will you carry The Sanderson Sisters costumes from Hocus Pocus this year?

  11. Do you have a Mickey mouse costume in stock, that covers the face and full body costume

    • No, there are no companies that I am aware of that legally hold the copyright for that costume other than Disney themselves, and they don’t allow anyone other that Disney properties such as the theme parks or the cruise ships to use them.

  12. A costume for Elvira? In a large, all I can find online are small and medium.

  13. I am looking for a Minnie Pearl costume or at least a gaudy square dancing style dress.

  14. I’m looking for three “Pink Lady” jackets from the movie Grease. Do you have these in stock? If so, do you have rentals or purchase only?

    • We have both costume rental and purchase. Sizing is limited so you would need to come in as soon as possible to make sure you get everything you needed before the Crusin the Coast crowds.

      Rentals are $20
      Purchase are around $39.98

      • Thank you! I would not need it until Halloween, but I look forward to coming into the store and seeing what you have!

  15. Looking for adult Chucky and Bride of Chucky costumes, do you have these available?

  16. We do have a brand new adult Chucky with a very good quality masks that is sold separately, but sadly we no longer carry Tiffany (Bride). We do have an 80’s Madonna costume that when combined with a leather jacket would look fairly close, and we could defiantly help you with a wig and makeup. We have some very easy to use (no glue on) and good looking cuts for Chucky if you both wanted to go with makeup vs masks.

  17. I’m looking for poodle skirts. Can you please tell me how much yours are?

  18. Do you have Groot costume for adult men?

  19. Do you have a Snow White costume?

  20. Do you have any pumpkin masks? Not scary ones but ones like in the “Pumpkin Dance” video on youtube?


    • Unfortunately our Civil War ball gowns only go out with licensed theatrical productions. We no longer rent those to individuals due to the high demand for the theatrical productions we ship nationwide.

  22. Do you still have Kiss costumes ?

  23. Do you have any Barbie themed costumes for adults?

    • Not specifically licensed Barbie costumes but we do have different costumes such as a 1980’s style bride (a la Madonna), doctor coats, mermaid costumes, peacock costumes, etc. that would go along with the Barbie movies. We also have wigs and other accessories that you could use to achieve the look.

  24. Do you have petticoats?

  25. Do you have French Noble costumes/coats? I am trying to find a coat and knickers for a beauty and the beast costume. I would be the prince though so I don’t need a beast mask or something.

    • We have brocade colonial style costumes. These are the ones that go out with the 1699 D’Iberville Landing. They have pics online if you would like to see what they look like. They rent for $125 plus tax and a $50 security deposit that is refundable as long as the costume is returned on time and undamaged.

  26. Theresa Langston

    Do you have a t-Rex costume?

  27. I’m looking for a Cruella Deville Costume, fo you have anything like that?

  28. Hey I have a costume party coming up and we’re huge video game fans, do you guys have the Halo Masterchief ultra prestige costume?

  29. Do you have any disco/ go go dancers for women?

  30. Do you carry purge masks?

  31. Do you guys have adult womens deadpool costumes and accessories? Thanks 🙂

  32. hi, do you have an adult Queen of Hearts costume?

  33. Do you have a princess Tiana costume for a teenager?

  34. Hey do y’all have a Zeus costume with the sandles as a rental or for sale

  35. Do y’all have Sully from Monsters Inc costumes for a size medium adulat male?

  36. Do you ship costumes to Jackson, MS? If so, I’m looking for the lion and wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz.

  37. Do y’all have baby size 6-9 months costumes?

  38. Do you have plus size men’s and women’s pirate costumes? If so, how much for rental or purchase?

  39. Do you have a baby/toddler taco costume?

  40. Do you have any plain white masks without anything on it because I am going for a purge outfit?

  41. I’m looking for a shaggy wig

  42. Do you guys have any of the women referee costumes? or any of the referee type shirts?

  43. Do you have the corpse bride costume or something close ?

    • We don’t have that costume specifically. However, we do have white 80’s style bride costumes (Madonna – Like a Virgin video) or long angel costumes that you might be able to make work for that look.

  44. Do you carry a Christmas Elf costume for a man?

  45. I have one in a cream color that might work for you…

  46. Do you have a classical/European style St Nicholas costume for rent? I definitely DON’T want the Coca Cola (R) red costume.

  47. Do you have a scrooge costume?

    • Yes we do. We have the nightshirt version in both rentals and purchase and the suit version in rentals only. We will be closed all week this week for Thanksgiving break but will be happy to assist you with this starting Monday, November 26th.

  48. Do you all have a male adult grinch costume for rent?

  49. Yes we do have 2 Grinch costumes available at the moment. You would need to come in and try it on and reserve it for the time you need it.

  50. Do you have a Chinese lion costume rental? Like what they use in parades for Chinese New Year?

    • We do have two in stock for rental. The rental price is between $350 and $750 plus a security deposit. Also keep in mind when renting that the heads of the costumes are fragile and need to handled carefully.

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