Josette’s Inc. has one of the largest selections of in-store purchase costumes and accessories!

We carry a wide variety of costume genres and themed accessories from Biblical, Storybook, Licensed Movies/Television, Pirate, Roman, Pimp, Steampunk, Service/Public Service Officials, Comedy, Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, 20’s – 80’s and most all themes have a moderate or sexy twist to the styles. We specialize in a larger selection and wide variety vs. focusing only on the current most popular items like other shops.

Our costume accessories range from Hats, Wings, Wigs, Glasses, Shoes, Tights/Leggings, Petticoats, themed Weapons and a mixed variety of genre specific goods to complete the desired look for fun and authenticity. We also have a large collection of both Halloween and Masquerade Masks used for theatrical performances and any ball or gala events.

So the next time you feel like dressing up just remember we here at Josette’s Inc. got what you need!

  1. Do you have any Male 1920s costumes for rent? Size medium to maybe large. Need it for November 29

  2. Do you have a 50’s housewife costume, either for sale or rent?

  3. I am looking for a Victorian/Edwardian skirt or dress, size small. Do you have anything like this for rent or itchase? Thanks so much.

  4. Do you have a kids grinch costume?

  5. Kelley N Triplett

    Do you have a santa suit available to rent?

  6. Do you have any adult wizard robes that are not velvet for sell or rent?

    • We do have a selection of robes that are not velvet. I cannot say that you would think of all of them as wizardly, but depending on your size I think we could most likely find something between our purchase and rental departments for you,

    • We are open today from 10am to 6pm. Costume rentals will close at 5:30pm. If you have any other questions feel free to call us.

  7. Jack C Waterfield

    Do you all have a Wild west sheriffs outfit?

    • We can most likely piece one together for you from our costume rental department but you would need to be fitted. Rental costumes do not go by small, medium, large so what we can do for you is only limited by what fits.

  8. Im looking for a western costume.

  9. Do you carry novelty contacts?

    • I am sorry but we do not. It is illegal in the state of Mississippi (and most states now) to sell contacts without you proving a prescription even if it is for a blank 0 correction.

      If you would like to look into getting contacts and you do not have a prescription, all you would need to do is go get an exam and ask or your eye measurements, that would then give you a valid prescription in which you can order contacts from almost any business or website.

  10. I’m looking for a Lucille Ball outfit (blue dress with white polka dots). The only thing I’ve found is a thin Halloween costume, and I’d like something more substantial.

    • We have two different styles to choose from. One is decidedly thicker and better made than the other, and surprisingly, it is the less expensive one. One is $29.98 and the other is $37.98.

  11. Do you have an adult Olaf or Kristoff costume, size XL?

  12. Looking to rent an emerald green tux or tails outfit for adult man.

  13. My co-worker is looking for a costume for her daughter’s school project for Margaret Corbin, a revolutionary war hero. We live in Mobile, and unable to find a local shop. Thank you.

    • Depending on how old the daughter is we can possibly help put her in a period dress and try to see if we can find a revolutionary war looking jacket as she is portrayed in the paintings. We don’t really have children outfits for rental. We have a few purchase costumes that should work but she would need to try them on.

  14. im looking for a costume from Wicked the broadway musical. do you carry any?

  15. I need a Marie Antoinette costume can you send me some pictures if you have any.

  16. I need some silver tights or something close in silver

  17. Bette-Jean G Jones

    I am looking for a period day wear dress for around 1908 — and/or Mary Poppins outfit

  18. Do you have any 1920’s style dresses – ladies large – no sequins and not red and how much are they?

    • We have flapper dresses for both Rental and Purchase. We do have a few styles in large for purchase and the price $37 – $60. Costume rentals sizes are different, you would need to come in and try them on. We have non red color options in both departments.

  19. Do you have Disco costumes for men and women?

  20. Katina Wahlstrom

    Looking for costume for candy land tutu and corset

    • We have a few costumes that are bright colored or rainbow colored for around $40-60. We also have tutut and other accessories that should help match that theme from around $7-30.

      As far as an actual Candy Land girl, all we have is a small and xsmall that is a generic version.

  21. I’m looking for a boys Grumpy the dwarf costume in a size 12-14 to buy or rent. Would you happen to have any? Thank you.

  22. Do you have any plus size mermaid costume for rent or purchase? What are your prices?

    • No, I’m sorry but at this time none of our vendors have mermaids in plus sizes. We have been trying to find new vendors that might carry this but have had no success as of yet. That being said, we do carry mermaid scale fabric in several different colors if you would like to have one made. We can provide information on local seamstresses who may be able to help you.

  23. Do you have any Mardi Gras Queen dresses/costumes?

  24. Thank you very much! Do you have mermaid costume in smaller sizes what are your prices?

    • Yes, we do. They come small, medium, and large and run from $39.98 to $84.98. We also have different accessories like fish scale bras, shell bras, mermaid skirts, mermaid corsets, etc. The skirts fit 5′ to 5’9″ and from 100-170 pounds.

  25. Great thank you so very much for the response greatly appreciate it.

  26. White tuxedo jacket with tails for women

  27. Harold McLelland

    I am looking for a 1912 period firefighter dress uniform…

  28. Do you have Where The Wild Things Are Max Costume for a 4 year old?



  29. Do you have any kingdoms hearts costumes and/or accessories

    • No, that is a copyright that has not been released for costuming. Most cosplayers would just buy the fabric for things like this and make their own. We do sell fabric. Also, we have 25,000 square feet with 16 foot ceilings with items from floor to ceiling to choose from. If you come down, you might be able to find something that you could piece together.

  30. I need a southern belle dress size small/medium. Preferably for rent.

  31. The only thing that we have available to rent would be the Scarlett O’Hara curtain dress in our rental department. It rents for $75.

  32. Roxie Fontenot

    I am looking for costumes for Annie characters if Bert Healy, President Roosevelt and Officer Ward, boys size 12 to 14

  33. Do you have any adult Transformer costumes?

  34. Do you guys sell corsets?

  35. I know it’s not the season but do you have any Santa costumes left?

  36. Do you have antebellum dresses, please.

  37. Do you have any antebellum dresses?

  38. Lainey Havard

    Do you have a child’s Humpty Dumpty costume? About a size 6?

  39. I am looking for a Galileo wig, do you have any available?

  40. Do you have male and female pirate costumes for sale?

    • Yes we do. Since we are going out of business, we are also selling the rental stock for the cost of 2 rentals. For example, if it rents for $45, we are selling it for $90.

  41. For the biloxi josettes closing out. Do y’all still have poison ivy costumes? If so about how much do they run

  42. Do you carry different 80 theme costumes? If so, how much on average do they run? And how much with the sale price?

  43. Do you have any fish or crawfish costumes for sale?

  44. Going to Oktoberfest in Munich.. do you have a Dirndl costumes… for rent or sale?

  45. Bobbi Nickolson

    Do you have any Willy Wonka Jr. costumes or props?

    • Depending on sizes we should have a few costume options for you, but we do not do props. Feel free to come in and try costumes on to see if we can help put together something for you.

  46. david poulos

    what kind of sale is on now

    • Our current sale is what can be considered our main going out of business sale. All purchase items are 50% off marked price and we are selling our rental items for the cost of one rental.

  47. Do you happen to have any Pioneer/prairie women costumes in stock? Would prefer to buy

  48. do you have any Chinese costume for women for rent, my normal size is Small I need one ASAP, is for this coming Saturday, Thank you.

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