Josette’s Inc. has one of the largest selections of in-store purchase costumes and accessories!

We carry a wide variety of costume genres and themed accessories from Biblical, Storybook, Licensed Movies/Television, Pirate, Roman, Pimp, Steampunk, Service/Public Service Officials, Comedy, Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, 20’s – 80’s and most all themes have a moderate or sexy twist to the styles. We specialize in a larger selection and wide variety vs. focusing only on the current most popular items like other shops.

Our costume accessories range from Hats, Wings, Wigs, Glasses, Shoes, Tights/Leggings, Petticoats, themed Weapons and a mixed variety of genre specific goods to complete the desired look for fun and authenticity. We also have a large collection of both Halloween and Masquerade Masks used for theatrical performances and any ball or gala events.

So the next time you feel like dressing up just remember we here at Josette’s Inc. got what you need!

  1. Dennis Morris

    Do you rent or sell any white colored caps for graduation? If so do you carry larger sizes?

  2. Rogena Woods Mitchell

    I’m looking for Supreme’s costumes. Dianna Ross, etc.

  3. Marquita Showers

    Do you all have dresses for the 1920 gatsby?

  4. Would you happen to sell any Star Wars costumes/robes for children?

    • We do have Star Wars costumes for children. I am not sure if exactly which ones and which sizes are currently in stock, as the store is closed for summer break until August 10th. Thanks!

  5. Gabrielle Kemp

    Would y’all happen to have a Pocahontas costume? Or something that looks like Pocahontas?

    • We have several female Native American costumes in many different styles. As the fit is different from street clothes, I would recommend bringing the person who will wear it to try it on. We have child and adult sizes for purchase starting at around $25 and rentals for adults starting at $45.

  6. Do you have a Ninja Turtle costume I could rent for a birthday party?

    • I am sorry but we do not have rental quality versions. We do have some available for purchase but they are not mascot costumes, those are illegal to use without being a licensed entertainer.

  7. Would you happen to have a colonial men’s costume or something that would work for Sir Isaac Newton. Size L

    • Hi Donna, it’s Crystal Locklar from the STEM workshop. Yes we do have things in our rental department that we could piece together for adults. Our sizing is done by tape measurements (neck, chest, shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to wrist, waist, hip, etc) rather than number or letter sizing because that is not standardized. If you need it for a large child, we may still have something in smaller adult costumes that would work. My suggestion is always to bring the person in who will be wearing it for a fitting. Rents for $65 for a weekend. Thanks!

  8. hi do u have any disco coustumes for teens

  9. I wish I could find a post with pictures of what you have. Do you have any medieval or renaissance style dresses for adults or the same time period for small boys outfits?

    • Hello Dusty,

      I am sorry about the pictures, if you have ever seen our costume rental department you would understand the difficulty to display that many costumes and all their possible mix matched possibilities.

      As for your questions, yes we do have a very nice selection of Renaissance dresses in different sizes, colors and styles in both our rental and purchase departments. Costumes for small boys would be more limited to what is available for purchase.

      Feel free to come in and try anything on, we look forward to trying to help you.

  10. Do you guys have a wench costumes available for rent?

    • We could help you put together something for that. We can help you with rental and purchase. If there was something very specific you want you could email us a picture or bring it in with you.

  11. Do you have men rentals for the Great Gatsby and if so how much are they for?

  12. Kristin johnson

    Do you have costumes for octoberfest?

    • Yes, we have lederhosen in rental and in purchase. We have sexy beer maid costumes in both rental and purchase as well. Rentals run $45 to $65 and purchase starts at around $35.

  13. Good evening! Do you have any dirndls? Please and thank you in advance!

  14. Do u have 6-12 month costumes?? And if so do u have a Pikachu??

  15. Do you carry any Dallas Cowboy cheerleading costume s for Halloween in a Large?

    • I’m sorry but we only have an adult small and adult medium in stock. They run $49.98 and are the licensed version of the costume. The medium is supposed to fit size 10-14. Please let us know if we can help further.

  16. Do you have creature from the black lagoon

  17. Hello do you have superwoman or super girl costume in adults and in babies. Thx

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