New Costumes & New Styles

unicorn collage

Don’t forget that September is the ideal time to get your last min details finished before October hits and it’s too late. Let us help you get ideas and put together a theme!

ATTENTION ALL HALLOWEEN PARTY HOST! Come by and talk with us, we can give you ideas for everything you need! Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!!!

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  1. needing a pirate costume for a 6’5″ 300 plus lb pirate man who wears size 15 shoes and a 16 ring d o you have something in that size range?? rest or buy?? I already have most of my stuff too , was waiting on proper pluamge but it has not yet arrived and I need to come there to vamp up the hat anyway (for me) I had already emailed. We would need by Sat 25th I will try to come by this friday

    • We could possible help you but it would be something for you to come in and piece things together and let him try on as you do so. As for the plumes and any accessories, these are things would could also help you with.

  2. Do you have authentic nun costumes for sale?

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